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Wet Shave With Straight Razor & Hot Towel In Wolverhampton

Wet Shave With Straight Razor & Hot Towel In Wolverhampton.


FACE PRO is a traditional wet shave service in Wolverhampton using a cut throat razor after the face has been prepared with a facial scrub, pre-shave oil, hot towel and massage. The service is finished off with a cold towel and post shave balm. Duration time is between 30 - 45 minutes.


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FACE PRO carries an ITEC Level 3 Accreditation in Shaving Services and a Distinction Award from the London School of Barbering. The treatment is performed at:


Jimmy Trims Tettenhall Wood,
6A School Rd,
WV6 8EJ.


Loading The Blades.

Before we begin Face Pro, we'll load our razor blades in front of you so you can see that you're getting a fresh blade. This ensures the highest standards for hygiene, preventing cross infection and guarantees that you'll have the sharpest blade.


Preparing Your Face.

It's important to make sure your skin is clean of debris and bacteria before opening your pores with hot towels so first of all we'll work in a luxurious vegan friendly exfoliating scrub filled with fine grains of Olive Stone. This will exfoliate and smooth your skin while horse chestnut extract purifies to help prevent ingrown hairs. This scrub is packed with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Grapeseed Oil, Caffeine, L-Arginine & 12 Essential Oils while also being free of harmful microbeads.


Massage & Hot Towel.

After a quick rinse, we'll massage in pre-shave oil to moisturise and soften your beard and to lubricate your skin. This makes for a more comfortable and closer shave by making your skin more supple and allowing the razor to cut closer to the hair follicle. 


Now to finish preparing your skin, we'll wrap your face with a steaming hot towel to open up your pores and let the oil penetrate deeper. Let's wait a few minutes so you can relax and enjoy the experience while the tension and stress eases away from your body. 

 Bluebeards Revenge


While the towel is on, a fresh batch of premium shaving cream is whipped up. Using a traditional shaving brush, Bluebeard's Revenge Luxury Shaving Cream is lathered onto your face to nourish and moisturise the skin, helping the razor glide effortlessly on your skin.



A Traditional Shave. 

Now that your skin is perfectly prepared and relaxed, we'll begin the shave with a traditional cut throat razor. With keen eye for detail and a steady hand, you'll enjoy probably the closest shave you've ever had.


Once your shave has been completed, it's time to bring your treatment to an end and apply a cold towel to your face and neck. The cold constricts blood vessels to reduce puffiness and most importantly importantly closes up your open pores. Some say this is the most refreshing part of Face Pro!



To finish off, a specially formulated post shave balm with witch hazel and aloe vera to calm and nourish the skin after shaving is applied. This premium balm is easily absorbed to leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth.



After each client, the blades are responsibly disposed of and then the point, spine, heel and shank are rinsed in Barbicide.





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