Team Awesome Rashguard

A back-lit figure walks through the cold night city air, the puddles on the street illuminated by neon lights. They hunted him down, they killed his unit and then they kidnapped the one thing that mattered the most to him: Jenny, his labrador puppy. The final gift from his wife before she died...

Whether you're shooting a sniper-bazooka or brandishing a mono-molecular blade, the four way stretch technology fabric moves with you as you take down henchman after henchman. Flat-lock seams are reinforced to stop your flexing muscles from bursting the shirt. A hidden internal pouch keeps your smoke powder safe in-case you ever need to make a quick exit.

A mission of revenge just got easier with this rash guard's anti-odour properties and it's moisture wicking ability. This awesome rash guard is equipped with a silicone grip which keeps it on your torso.

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Rash Guard with Pocket