MMA, BJJ & Muay Thai Fightwear

They're there to stop you taking what's rightfully yours.

You're going to clash it’s inevitable. You've fought the same battles, you're physically conditioned and all that's left is the mental preparation. The battle you fight in your mind will determine the battle that will unfold in the ring.


Release the power of your imagination and set your path to victory. When Fierce Edge is in your corner you'll be training and performing as hard as an Enhanced Human.



Whichever discipline you train in, Fierce Edge's advanced combat skins follow your form, blow for blow, scramble to scramble. We're in there with you, a force multiplier for your attacks and protecting when you defend.


You brought your A-Game and they just showed up. When the battle starts, your domination begins and when their nightmare’s finally over you'll be the only one left standing. Arms raised in victory.


There's glory in battle. Fame and fortune awaits you and nothing's going to stand in your way. Your time is now.



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 Who else can wear our Cyborg fightwear better than Cristiane CYBORG Justino herself!