Fitness Activewear by Fierce Edge!

How do you fix a boring workout? Inspire yourself, you are the hero of your own story and your activewear should reflect that. We’ve scouted the internet for gym wear and base layers that do away with the everyday and when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we created this inspired range, your way.





With a focus on your comfort, we created high definition second skins that celebrate each workout and turns every day into an adventure.

 Be inspired by our ever growing range and see how others are loving everyday with the most unique leggings and rash guards, spats and active wear for those who adore the original, the quirky and the incredible.

This is originality, this is your story and this is active wear for you, and your journey.


Follow Your Path To Fitness In 5 Steps:


1) Join Team Awesome to get your 10% Coupon off everything!


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2) Visit the store 


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3) Select your upgrades.
4) Enter coupon code at checkout for your discount.
5) Your powerful new active wear is on the way!





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