Compression Clothing Care Guide

Caring for your Fierce Edge gear.

Cold wash the garments without fabric conditioner. Fabric conditioner will make the garments slightly water repellent and affect the moisture wicking properties. Never hot wash, tumble dry or iron.

Be careful around Velcro! Due to the nature of the fabric, it will snag and fray when in contact to Velcro. We strongly recommend that you wash separately from garments in Velcro or use a wash bag in a mixed wash. 


Will the colours ever run or fade?

Nope, never. We blast the ink into the fabric with so much heat and pressure that the ink is permanently bonded onto the garment.


Are Fierce Edge garments suitable for my activity?

Fierce Edge garments are designed to keep you comfortable and awesome no matter your activity or intensity. In the past, each sport had specialist clothing, not anymore. Our garments have been tested in combat sports, obstacle running, cycling, lifting, roller derby, skiing, paintball and also as a general under-layer for motorcycling. Please bear in mind though that each garment features a discreet zippered pocked at the back which may not be compliant for grappling martial arts.