Team Awesome Rash Guard

A former Special Forces operator begins her mission for revenge! The day she refused a Top Secret Assignment was the day she stopped being useful. They sent her on a suicide mission, cut her comms and left her for dead. Rescued by an aged hermit, he taught her the undefeatable Dragon Style Kung-Fu and now, it's pay-back time! With interest!

Running at inhuman speeds, you don't need air to breathe. A silicone lined hem keeps the rash guard in place as you flip through the air and slice your opponents with your legendary thousand times folded katana! The UVF30+ protects you from the glare of your laser gatling gun while the four way stretch fabric means you're always ready on the draw with your signature laser-sighted Uzi 9mm.

Hardened against biological agents, this rash guard is anti-bacterial and anti-odour. A small internal pouch carries your Dragon Talisman, all you'll need to worry about is when to deliver your devastating one-liner.



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Rash Guard with Pocket