Who Are The Fierce Edge All-Stars?

We launched the Fierce Edge All-Stars so we can work with athletes and help them be a force for good in the World. The All-Stars are mighty champions, people that we can all aspire to be. At Fierce Edge, we want to help you be your own superhero but without the personal tragedy or exposure to hazardous material! Capes are optional.


One of our All-Stars is Ben Whittaker. Ben is an England contracted Boxer, and last week, became a member of the Great Britain Boxing Squad where he trains with and competes at the highest level in the country. Ben has set his sights on representing England at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and then ultimately Great Britain at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

His previous accolades have included: Youth Commonwealth Silver Medalist 2015, England Youth Champion 2015, Great Britain 3 Nations Silver Medalist 2015, Haringey Box Cup Youth Winner gold 2015 and NABC Champion 2013. 

Fierce Edge All-Star Ben Whittaker Firewalker Olympic Boxing Cyborg

We caught up with him at one of his training sessions at Firewalker Olympic Boxing with Joby Clayton. Shortly after this session, Ben had to leave to prepare for the 2016 Amateur Boxing Association Elite Championships. This is a preview of what's to come.



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Lester Lee

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