What Can Video Games Teach You?

Video games, the convenient straw man for so many subjects. Violence, obesity, laziness and anti-social behaviour. Video games have been unfairly demonised, and this lazy ignorance has been played out with great familiarity through the generations. First it was rock'n'roll music, then heavy metal, followed by MTV. After that were the Video Nasties, Men's lifestyle magazines and Rap music. Every generation has one.

We grew up with videogames and know that they have played such as strong positive role in our lives. Without videogames, there probably wouldn't be a Fierce Edge. Can videogames really be used for 'positive' change though? Here is the New York Times Best Selling Author of Super Better and game designer, Jane McGonigal delivering her landmark TED Talk. In this intriguing and entertaining talk Jane passionately describes how harnessing the power of video games can be used as a powerful force for good in the world.





We'll explore the positive aspects further in a later post. We know that fitness and video-games follow very similar patterns with familiar dopamine hits. There are plenty of different activities and if what you're doing isn't rewarding for you, then choose another. Don't play the same as video-game as everyone else because they told you to! In both gaming and training, you must first follow a tutorial and then grind through the early levels and Level Up your skills before you can reach Mastery. 

What games have absolutely taught us is that, if the game is getting more difficult then you are absolutely going in the right direction. During your journey into fitness, you'll face countless obstacles including people who will try to stop you. Never forget why you started.

Fierce Edge Allstar Jaye Bradley Cyborg

Our model is Jaye Bradley who is wearing the Cyborg fightwear. Follow her @Jayemariefit 

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