Top 5 Online Games to Make a Better You

Becoming a better version of ourselves can be pretty difficult. It doesn't matter what the goal is, whether we want to lose weight, hit the gym, learn a new skill or even just to be less messy. Annoyingly the human brain loves to procrastinate and only reward immediate wins with that sweet dopamine. Unfortunately for us, anything worth while takes time and consistency, which generally means grinding.  


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I don't get older I level up


We Level-Up automatically each year but do our stats or skills improve to reflect this? Well no. Not unless we make some sort of effort to work on them. In the beginning it didn't matter how low our skills were, we were playing the tutorial and had all manner of support institutions to improve us. As we start hitting Level 20, more and more we have to stand on your our and make sure we stay competitive. There's nothing worse than being an under-powered high level player because we put all of our Experience Points into Eastenders and sugar.



One way to learn new skills and most importantly to break bad habits and routine is by gamifying objectives. By adding characteristics of a game, for example rules and rewards systems, what could be a grind is made easier by satisfying your brain's demands for rewards and achievements. Which leads us into our first App:


1) Super Better

Super Better increases your resilience - the ability to stay strong, motivated and optimistic even in the face of difficult obstacles. Playing SuperBetter will make you more capable of getting through any tough situation, and more likely to achieve the goals that matter most to you. One of the most difficult aspects of fitness is overcoming negative thoughts and habits which can even stop you from starting. Super Better builds your mind strong so your body will follow.

Every aspect of the game is designed to harness the power of positive emotions and social connection to help you improve your life.

You win SuperBetter by achieving your Epic Win, a real-life goal you set for yourself at the start of the game. When you achieve your Epic Win, you can choose a new goal and start a new game!

SuperBetter is like life. It's a process, not an outcome. 



 2) Strong Lifts

Lifting weights and putting them down, amazingly boring for dumb people right? Wrong! The Strong Lifts App makes strength training very accessible and takes all the guess work out of effective routine and how to correctly perform an excercise. You get an easy to follow yet super effective routine. The best thing about this App if finishing a set so you can press the complete button. You get a visual confirmation of your achievement and the App automatically counts down towards the beginning of your next set. You get to objectively see how well you're doing with graphs tracking your performance. You get to literally watch your Strength and Constitution stats increase!

Get stronger, build muscle and burn fat. No complicated workouts that take forever. Just three exercises, three times a week, 45mins per workout. StrongLifts 5×5 is the simplest, easiest to follow and most effective workout. You get results without using supplements or wasting hours in the gym. 



3)  Zombies, Run!

It's cardio time! But who wants to do this sweaty massive time-sink? It's so boring! Zombies, Run! App changes all this. At face value, the App is just another cardio tracker with all the standard tracking such as speed, distance etc. But put your headphones on (remember to stay safe) and this App immerses you into it's engaging story line. You are Runner 5. You find yourself as part of a post zombie apocalypse society. This is depicted in the style of a 3D isometric game. To save/advance the community you must perform Supply Runs and this is where the App tracks you and gives you feedback on how the misson is going. After each run, you earn points to improve your community with new buildings and defences. On occassion when zombies are alerted to you, the game enters Chase Mode! You'll hear the zombies snarling at you as you speed up to and maintain a sprint to get away from them. It gets pretty exciting when you're running on a farm on your own at dusk/night!



 4) UFC Personal Trainer

So you want to be a UFC Fighter? Well this game won't get you anywhere near the skill or fitness level required for even the lowest tier of MMA. What you do get though is a pretty fun virtual trainer taking you through what is essentially a circuit training program. The Kinect tracks your movement to make sure you're performing the right movements at the right intensity although it can be quite glitchy. Aside from physical improvement, the reward is the game tracks your progress and you earn Achievements for sticking with the program. This helps develop a positive habit and discipline for fitness. Sometimes, this is what is needed for shy people to build a certain level of fitness before they step into an actual gym or workout outside.



5) Whole Life Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge is super simple. It aims to improve 7 daily habits.

1) Nutrition.

2) Mobilisation.

3) Sleep.

4) Exercise.

5) Hydration.

6) Lifestyle Practice.

7) Reflection.

This 8-week game provides structure in the form of rules and guidelines for adopting each habit. The Challenge doesn’t tell you what to do; it helps you understand how to do it in ways that makes sense in your life. It's a pretty simple process:

1) Start or join a team (with your gym or just like-minded folks.)
2) Choose a level (Easy/Kick-Start, Medium/Lifestyle and Performance.)
3) Take your preliminary measurements (a set workout and body measurements.)
4) Play the game for 8 weeks (follow the rules, enter your scores daily, and gain bonus points.)
5) Take final measurements and declare a team winner!

Easy right? Go check it out!


 So what do you think? Heave you tried any of these? What are your favourites? Which ones haven't we covered? We'd love to hear from you so just drop us a message in the comments below or join the conversation on our Facebook/fierceedgeapparel.

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