The Ultimate Gift Guide for Health & Fitness Geeks

So what do you get for the fitness geek in your life who already has everything? We're pretty nerdy ourselves at Fierce Edge and like to stay active so we've scoured the internet and curated this Top 14 list of ideal nerdy presents for you. Well... is it actually for you or just our Wish List...?


1. Certification in the deadliest discipline.

Ameri-Do-Te White Belt Certificate

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Ever studied Muay Thai? BJJ? Krav Maga? They’re all BS! Only Ameri-Do-Te will give you the skill to survive a real life street encounter. Get certified by Master Ken for only $13.95 today!



2. Juke Performance Mass Suit

Juke Performance Mass Suit

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So you strap this suit on and it's going to multiply your strength and speed right? Wrong! Equipping this suit actually adds resistance to your activity and Juke Performance claim a 73% increase in sport specific training efficiency. We know that it also goes great with our Cyborg fightwear as demonstrated by Juli Firso! Pictured here is the top range Pro suit which retails at £349.99.



3. Underwear. For Running.

Runderwear underwear for running

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Well these pants for him and for her were designed specifically for running. Constructed from an advanced 360 weave technology, these bad boys have no seams so no more chafing and rubbing. Using an advanced thickness, they'll hold close to your body and keep you dryer and cooler. Prices start from £16.00.



4. AirDog the Auto-Follow Drone.

Airdog Follow Me Drone

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Dogs can fly?! Well this one also works a camera too! Strap on your water-resistant AirLeash, command your AirDog drone to follow you and then do some cool stuff! With different flight modes and intelligent return to safety or land at AirLeash, if you have an extremely exciting life, then AirDog is sure to be your best friend. This Christmas you can get your own AirDog for just $1,599.00.



5. No beard? No problem!

beardo the beanie with a beard

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Want a beard but don't want to spend a bazillion on artisan beard care products? Beardo is the insanely successful invention of Canadian winter sports enthusiast Jeff Phillips. His simple idea was a beanie had that would keep your face warm and was born from putting a hole in an old scarf! Don't worry, if the novelty of a knitted beard becomes too much, they're fully detachable and there's plenty of style options. Well as much as can be expected from knitted beard. All yours for $39.99.



6. Bas Rutten O2 Trainer

Bas Rutten Fitness Trainer

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MMA legend Bas Rutten developed this patented system to help athletes strengthen their lung and diaphragm muscles. Unlike altitude masks, the 02 Trainer has different levels of resistance and teaches the user to breathe correctly from the diaphragm. Originally intended for athletes, it's now popular with Musicians who play horns or orchestral wind instruments as well as opera singers and scuba divers! Breathe better €58.95.



7. It's dangerous to go alone! Here take this.

Volos guide to monsters d&d bestiary

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Well it's not a magic sword or enchanted armour and there's no Mana increase with this tome but at least you'll know what's about to eat you! Lore Master Volothamp Geddarm,compiled this 224-page volume filled with beautiful illustrations and in-depth lore. You want to Uncover the machinations of the mysterious Kraken Society? Start now with just $29.97.



8. Want the body of a superhero but without the spectacular industrial accident?

Lean Flex Muscle Suit

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 The body of a god is all yours and without the origin story, without the work outs and without the disciplined diet! These muscle suit, hand made in the USA come in 5 different sizes Lean, Standard, Super, Giant, Mega and if you really want to dial it up to 11 they can make custom sizes for you. The most realistic and anatomically correct suit is yours starting from $685.00.



9. The Apocalypse Geek.

Post Apocalypse Survival Moto Bike

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There is no geek alive that hasn't harboured survival fantasies. What if there was a natural disaster, do I have enough flashlights? Will my solar panels attract unwanted attention. What's the most stealthy mode of mechanical transport to get passed the zombie horde? Asking all the right questions. The Motoped is the ultimate moped! Tough and rugged, it will take you up to 300 miles at up to 24mph. And then the rest is up to you! $3,599.00.



10. Aren't you little snug to be a Stormtrooper?

Wearable Stormtrooper Armour Sleeping Bag

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The Empire did nothing wrong! These wearable sleeping bags usually used/worn by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts have had a Star Wars makeover. This Stormtrooper armour is water-resistant and the feet are detachable so you can wear your own choice of footwear. Styles available include, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Rebel (scum) pilot. Never miss another shot for $109.00!



11. The World's First Pixel Underwear!

Pixel Panties Pixel Paladin

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Two Portugese designers followed their dreams and created the Pixel Panties following their love of retro 8-bit gaming. Made with squares, for round bottoms the Pixel Panties blew up on indiegogo crowdsourcing. The team have have now increased their range to include swimsuits. These panties are a perfect match for our Pixel Paladin collection! Pixel Panties are yours for $19.90.



12. Power up your geek with Omnicharge.

Omnicharge External Battery

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Omnicharge, sounds like a banking mega-corporation from the not so distant future right? Not so! Every geek has gadgets and every gadgets need power. Stay charged wherever you go with the most advanced external battery. Ever. This sidekick is available in two sizes 13,600mAh 65W and 20,400mAh 100W! With Patented technology, you know that these batteries are not some cheap 1,000mAh packs with a 20,000mAh sticker on! Charge everything from mobile phones, laptops and LCD screens starting at $199.99.



13. Protect your 6!

Fly6 bike light camera

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Protect yourself on the roads! The Fly6 reduces the amount of equipment to attach onto your bike and so keeping your important power to weight ratio up. The light flashes for daytime use and has a constant mode for night time, it puts out a solid 30 lumens. The camera records 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps and the battery lasts for around 6 hours. It's hardened against the elements and a perfect sentinel to guard your back. Don't miss out on the opportunity to show your mates footage of when you dropped them! £119.00. 


14. Reward them for their work!

Running Heroes Rewards

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Well this is actually free and who doesn't love free?! Introduce Running Heroes to the fitness geek in your life. They're a geek, they're going to have a tracking device so they can pour over all that data, after all, if it's not tracked it didn't happen right? All you have to do is log into Running Heroes and link their account with their tracking app. Every time they perform a workout, they earn points. The points are redeemable for some great savings with strong brands. There are also regular competitions to win branded gear and you can enter just by working out! £Free.


Well? Did you find what you were looking for? If you have any ideas, let us know and we'll update our list! Remember to join Team Awesome to get 10% off our store and make sure you never miss an issue of The Fierce Edge Magazine.



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