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  • You’re running your first obstacle race and want to know what you should wear? This guide will help you select the best and most appropriate garments. However, don’t be fooled by marketing and a need for the best gear, the most important thing in an OCR is your physical preparation before the race and your attitude. If you have these two bases covered, clothing will just make things more comfortable for you. If you haven’t prepared adequately, be prepared to see runners in ridiculous fancy dress overtaking you seemingly at ease despite how inappropriate their outfit is! Your clothing more than likely will not make you go faster, but you can at least choose stuff which won’t make you slower.

    Cyborg Trail Running

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  • The first thing to remember is that you've entered an OCR not a half-marathon event. You’re more than likely going to be off-road and dealing with hella mud and water. If you're not, go get your money back! Some races will recommend wearing old battered shoes and trainers in case you ruin them or they simply get sucked off your feet by the mud and lost! Our advice is the opposite, you’ll find the event much more enjoyable if you have the correct equipment. You won't ruin or lose quality footwear and here's what to look for:


    Mud Run footwear

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