Second Fierce Edge Prototypes: Improved Fit Upgrades!

Received our second batch of prototypes with modifications from our last batch, and again I'm over the moon with the quality.

In this batch I made a decision to switch to a Raglan Sleeve. It's supposed to improve mobility slightly, but I can't tell any difference. The major benefit in my opinion though is that they considerably improve the dynamics of the garment and really help to show off the athleticism of the wearer.

I altered the garment dimensions slightly too and increased the width of the collar. In no world would I ever have what's considered a wide neck, but I have tops from other brands which add compression to my neck and has the net effect of gently strangling me!

Final mod is the limb length. Nothing is more annoying than clothing that comes up short. Fierce Edge will provide full coverage all the way to the wrists and ankles.

I've shown these off and put these through some quite extensive testing and they have again come up trumps. Performance is exceptional and I'm particularly proud of the reception for Cyborg. This is taking nothing away from my other designs but Cyborg has been the most demanding with it's anatomically correct muscle placement, armour placement and my dogged insistence on accuracy and aesthetics. You can't help but feel at least 500% more powerful wearing it!

I'm waiting for a final set of prototypes and then I'm hoping I can place an order and have stock received and ready to go for April 2016!


Lester Lee

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