The Ultimate Compression Wear - Rogue Traders, Blade Runners and Bounty Hunters.

 The Bounty Hunter compression wear is inspired by the space trading games Elite and 40k Rogue Trader. The suit imagines hunting for very dangerous Blade Runner-esque replicants and adds adventure to any cardio session! The powered armour protects against kinetic and energy weapons and amplifies the wearer's strength by a factor of eight. Atmospherically sealed and equipped with boosters, the bounty hunter is able to manoeuvre for short periods in zero G conditions. Journey into the galaxy, create your fortune and forge your legacy, this futuristic collection captures the spirit of the space freebooter who plays by their own rules.

 The readouts on both legs show data to the suit's wearer so they can monitor vital functions and display mission objectives as they're piloting their spacecraft. Upside down to the 2nd person, they make perfect sense to the Bounty Hunter when sat on a bicycle or a rowing machine.

 You sit in the viewing port, watching void ships’ engines flare as they emerge from the landing bay. Their lights dwindle as the ships disappear into the dark. A crowd of freebooters watch and point, chattering furiously.


EVA Power Armour for Bounty Hunters.

 You recall your first voyage through slip-space. The panic that gripped you as stars melted into streaks of brightness and the nausea that welled up within your throat as the temporal bubble bloomed around your ship.

You bring two fingers to your temple and tap twice. Colourful digits appear before you.








Mission Status and Neural Interface Bounty Hunter Read Out

“Commander Jameson?”

You tap your temple again and the interface vanishes. It is a young freebooter, fresh faced. His voice is calm and confident, but he looks... Mostly Harmless. You try not to grin.


“Your ship’s ready.”

You rise, a smile growing across your lips. Your E.V.A. enhanced power armour creaks comfortingly, the servo assists hissing a warning to passers by. They step back and watch you pass; few bounty hunters can afford such quality. 

You stride on. Venturing into the unknown has never grown old. You remember your first ship. You remember your first steps into the stars. You remember the first bounty you brought home.

 Futuristic Leggings Spats BJJ Fitness

Adventure and unlimited opportunity awaits you Bounty Hunter. Use your wits, luck, skill and courage and claim the greatness that is yours.


Bounty Hunter concept art.

Bounty Hunter Concept



Women's rash guard - Coming Summer 2017!


Lester Lee

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