Pixel Paladin Revealed!

Today we officially reveal The Pixel Paladin!

Fierce Edge worked with the infinitely talented and super patient FiveStrokes Art & Design. We just love love love this super cute animation!

Pre-Orders will soon be taken here at this link: https://goo.gl/fdjpZX.

The Pixel Paladin was inspired by our love for retro-gaming in particular RPGs in their infancy. This set brings to life the wonderful adventures we had playing games like The Legend Zelda, The Bard's Tale, Final Fantasy and Ultima.


"You are the glowing blade of Justice guarding against darkness and chaos. The living embodiment of Lawful Good, you have sworn to uphold honour and truth in all places. A child of the Light, you fear no evil.

Paladin, don your Mithril armour, pick up your Crystal Sword and once again drive back the Shadow. Let no demon, mad-god or abomination stand in the way of Justice. Take up your Aegis Shield, the bards will once again sing your glories to the four corners of the Kingdoms."





Lester Lee

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