Pin Up Sports Clothing, The BarBelle Merges Vintage with Science Fiction.

Originating with the pin-up girls of the late 19th century, pin-up style has been admired for more than 100 years. Symbolic of the ‘new woman’ - who was outspoken, and embraced her sexuality, the pin-up was a first of it’s time, and the iconic look is still as fresh and challenging today.


Elle Harris Vintage Model The Barbelle

 Model is Elle Harris.


The image of the pin-up girl was used as nose art and painted onto WW2 bombers to keep spirits high. For the crew, this practice evoked fond memories of home life and displayed individuality against the back drop of military uniformity. More likely than not, she would express bravery and fighting spirit through the use of cheeky puns and matching poses.

 Barbelle Girl Pin Up Nose Art Painting


Some classic looks just aren’t to be messed with, but the pin-up look is the perfect style to be morphed into the 21st century. Due to the fact that it was so revolutionary at the time, the pin-up look is still breaking boundaries today.


Vintage base layer zammi jones the barbelle


Mixing vintage looks with science fiction and fitness, our pin-up is the Bar-Belle. She’s still bold and unashamedly powerful. She encompasses all that is strength, to be yourself, to stand-out against the uniformity of high-street gym wear. We created the Bar-Belle as the perfect option for those who want timeless values, with vintage style.

 Pin up clothing Elle Harris Model


In the Fierce Edge universe the Bar-Belle was the standout Dreadnaught from the 72nd Epsilon Eridani Squadron. Her crew were famous for their seemingly legendary luck and were chosen to trial the experimental 'Zhong Kui' void shields, the first energy shield system small enough not to require a Capital Ship's power.


The BarBelle Dreadnaught of the 72nd Epsilon Eridani Squadron

 The Bar-Belle by Srdjan Pavlovic.


A veteran of countless planet-side and exo-atmospheric engagements, without doubt, she was instrumental in breaking the stalemate and retaking the system. Honour her and let her spirit inspire you.


Embrace the spirit of the Bar-Belle!



Lester Lee

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