Marco Ruas Demonstrates the Power of Muay Thai Leg Kicks

Marco Ruas vs Paul Varelens is one of Fierce Edge's favourite fight which imprinted into us how devastating Muay Thai was as a fighting style.

Marco Ruas MMA Vale Tudo Champion Fighter



 UFC 7 on September 8, 1995, at the Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, New York. Vale Tudo fighter Marco 'King of The Streets' Ruas showed the world just what Muay Thai leg kicks could do. Standing at 6'1" and weighing 210lbs, Ruas was by no means a small man but he was dwarfed by Paul 'The Polar Bear' Varelans. Varelans stood at a massive 6'8" and weighed in at 300lbs. He described his fight style as 'Trap-Fighting' because he like to trap his opponents... (remember this was still the time of the ninjas.)

 In a classic early UFC David vs Goliath showdown, Ruas repeatedly landed devastating Muay Thai leg kicks onto Varelans' huge thighs. Varelans, an inexperienced striker who relied on his sheer bulk and size to overwhelm his opponents was not able to respond to the attacks. He did the only thing he knew which was to advance and keep coming forward. Unfortunately for Varelans, this allowed Ruas to pick his shots at will and it wasn't long before he chopped down the towering Varelans and Big John McCarthy stopped the fight.




What do you think? What's been your favourite early MMA fight?

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