How Father.IO Levels The Gaming World With Augmented Laser Battle

Augmented games have been around for a long time, Ingress was launched in 2012 but Pokemon GO really made augmented reality mainstream popular. When we stumbled across Father.IO we literally flipped out with excitement! Imagine Laser Tag using your phone and connected to other players over wifi/data. No limitations, you can battle other players wherever you want! Father.IO combines elements of FPS, MMO  and physical prowess.

fatherio Massive Multiplayer Laser Tag Phone Attachment

Aside from augmented reality, what really makes us excited for this game? So you're a fit gamer right? You love gaming and you also respect your body and work out. You have to miss out on a few hours gaming each week to spend time in the gym. In the hyper-competitive world of online gaming, those hours in the gym are no superficial matter and when up against the best, mean the difference between a win and an loss. When you do take a loss it's natural to be upset and maybe a little resentful especially when you get schooled in a FPS and often times the trash talk that comes with it. The thought has probably crossed your mind that, in reality the punk that's right now jumping 720 Teabagging your fallen avatar and letting you know how promiscuous your dear mother was last night wouldn't be able to perform even at quarter pace in real life. 


When the opposing avatars in Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Gears of War, Overwatch (pick your favourite) sprint a couple of hundred metres, jump over hazards, crawl under cover and then shimmy out to pop out some accurate fire while balancing on the edge of a precipice taking you out, you are left with a real frustration that you can't bring any of your physical attributes to bear. Time spent improving your body means time not reducing reaction times, learning maps, the best routes, weapon drops etc.

fatherio Augmented Battle Are You Ready


Father.IO has levelled the playing field. Just as videogames made untrained novices to exercise Titans in the virtual world, augmentation now relies on actual physical attributes. Want to buff your Stamina to 10, get running, want better Agility? Time for some drills. You can't win this game from your basement fuelled by Mountain Dew and Cheetos. Pokemon Go players discovered to their dismay that real life exertion has very real consequences with many reporting sore legs due to not being familiar with physical activity.





fatherio Augmented Battle


Of course this is Fierce Edge so how excited are we to be able to combineour passion for videogames and celebrate our muscles while wearing some awesome fightwear?! Which one would you wear while lasering your friends? Cyborg, Bounty Hunter, The Bar-Belle or The Pixel Paladin? Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that our armoured leggings and rashguards will keep you dry, comfortable and actually increase your [CH]arisma +10.


Check out Father.IO in action pew pew-pew!

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