Future Tech, Licensing and Quality

Hey buddies! Thanks for all the love and the feedback on our gear, we're really glad you're loving it as much as we had fun designing it and bringing it to life.


We've had a ton of questions too so here's a quick Q&A:

  • Q) How do I wear these?
  • A) You can rock them on their own or if you don't want to be 100% all the time, they are also designed to be a comfortable under-layer to your usual clothing.


  • Q) I'm a guy, can I still wear these leggings?
  • A) Yes! You worked hard for those legs right? Don't hide them under baggy cotton!


  • Q) Where's the Star Wars stuff?! 
  • A) Sorry, there are no plans for Licencing Star Wars apparel at the moment and absolutely zero intention for "knock-offs"[sic] Disney take a very dim view on this practice and rightly so. 


  • Q) Do you have any vest tops?
  • A) Not yet, but we have two super awesome designs planned. Stay tuned!


  • Q) What about super hero gear?
  • A) We believe and have a great deal of fun creating original universes where you can be your own hero. 


  • Q) Can I have more discount?
  • A) Fierce Edge apparel is designed for combat so is much more engineered than fashion leggings. From the start we wanted quality so the fabric is tough and comfortable, all the seams are chafe locked reinforced, the leggings are held in place with silicone ankle grips and an elasticated drawstring waist. 


  • Q) We want more!
  • A) We do too! We're planning an Autumn/Winter line-up with some more powerful designs. :)


Lester Lee

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