Juli Firso - Muay Thai Fighter, BJJ Athlete, Boxer and Dancer

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 Juli Firso hails from Moscow, Russia where she is a model, trained dancer, and martial artist. She practices and teaches Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and Boxing and her sweeping hair is as distinctive as her dangerous fighting style.


Fierce Edge Juli Firso Muay Thai Knee Cyborg Armour Armor Ladies Rashguard Leggings


Juli equipped with Fierce Edge Cyborg fightwear and Juke Performance's Mass Suit.





Juli is putting the Bounty Hunter leggings through some tough BJJ training.

Fierce Edge Juli Firso Bounty Hunter Armour Spats Leggings BJJ Muay Thai


 Juli has regularly travelled to Thailand in to study and fight Muay Thai. Training in Thailand is particularly brutal with the nak muay training twice a day six times a week in the often times oppressive Thai heat. If you are planning on travelling to study Muay Thai you should definitely read Sylvie von Duuglas' excellent Guide to Muay Thai Gym Etiquette.

 While Juli was there, she was given the moniker Nak Muay Nangfas which translates to Angel Warrior and Juli used the name for her own martial arts academy which is specifically for ladies. The Nak Muay Nangfas academy curriculum covers Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and dance. The Nak Muay Nangfas has strong experience training and fighting in Thailand with several students emerging victorious from their fights there.

Overhand right for the KO.



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Juli is wearing the Pin-Up Noseart inspired Bar-Belle rashguard and leggings.
Fierce Edge Juli Firso Bar Belle Nose Art Rashguard Spats Legging Muay Thai BJJ


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