Fierce Edge Now Accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin!

 We are now accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment for products in our store. To use your cryptocurrency, simply add items to your cart as usual and at the checkout screen you will be able to select either Bitcoin or Litecoin as payment options.

Not only are we accepting these coins, we will be asking our suppliers to accept these as payment too.


Bitcoin Fierce Edge Litecoin Logo Accepted Here

What are Bitcoins? What are Litecoins?

 They are virtual currencies which enable people to securely transfer funds around the world. Both Bitcoin and Litecoin are democratised cryptocurrencies not owned or controlled by any government. They are built on open source technology and with a limited amount, they are a modern alternative for money.


Why do Bitcoin/Litecoin have value?

 There's no magic involved, just good old fashioned supply and demand. As long as these currencies are being bought, they will be worth what buyers are prepared to pay for them. If there's more demand than supply, then their value will go up. If no-one buys them, then their value goes down. You can see the value of these coins against your domestic currency at Coinmarketcap.


How do I get Bitcoin/Litecoin?

 First of all you'll need a wallet, these hold your coins. Two of the more secure wallets are the Trezor and Ledger, other free wallets are available. Once you have a wallet you'll need to go to an exchange like Coinbase or Bitstamp. At the exchange you'll be able to trade in your domestic currency for cryptocurrency. Once you're a proud owner of these coins we recommend that you transfer them off the exchange and into your own wallet. From here you can then start to send your coins in exchange for products and services anywhere around the world.


But Why Cryptocurrency?

 Both Bitcoin and Litecoin represent a maturing currency and we believe that cryptocurrency has an important future in ecommerce. We are big fans of technology and making the world a better place so we would like to do our small part to encourage the wider adoption of these coins. Of course it also helps that it has a certain cyberpunk vibe to match our Cyberpunk collection!


Will You Accept Other Cryptocoins?

 We are investigating the best and most efficient methods to accept other coins. Until then, HODL!




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