Fierce Edge Launches Today!

Fierce Edge The Bar-Belle Nose Art Pin-up Girl Vintage Rashguard spats legging


Our stock has finally arrived! We're so sorry about the delay. Initially our factory made up the wrong sizes so we had no choice but to wait for them to make up the correct order. Afterwards we had our consignment stuck at Customs for a few days! In between all this were Bank Holidays and really bad timing where payments didn't clear in time for the weekend. We really appreciate your patience - it's been a heck of a learning curve!


We received our consignment today and after checking in each item - we are officially LIVE! To celebrate, we welcome to our roster our new Fierce Edge All-Star, Jaye Bradley! Jaye is a bikini competitor and we'll soon more pics and videos up. 


Fierce Edge All Star Jay Bradley Bounty Hunter




Lester Lee

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