Fierce Edge Is Live Today! went live today! Please bear with us while we perform some optimisation tweaks. We'll receive the final sample sets next week and have a photoshoot booked before the end of the month. 


At launch all of our garments will be male and female long sleeve compression shirts/rashguards and compression tights/spats. They will all feature the Fierce Edge Utility Pouch ergonomically designed to hold your smartphone and stay unobtrusive. Don't confuse these with unisex garments, we understand that girls and boys have different lumps and bumps! You'll be covered whichever activity you perform, these garments will keep up with you!  


Here's a sneak peak of what's to come.


Thanks to Dre Groce for modelling Cyborg and Mick Grand Photography for these concept shots.

Fierceedge Cyborg Dre Groce Muay Thai K1 awesome activewear compression



Lester Lee

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