Ben Whittaker: Aspiring Talent 2016 - Fierce Edge All Access VLOG #04 - The Awards

 It's the start of the weekend and with a fresh trim from Billionhair Barbers, Ben has been invited to attend The Black Country Sport & Physical Activity Awards where he has been nominated for the Aspiring Talent of 2016 and the other finalists are Siobhan Peplow and Ellis Greatrex.


 The Black Country Sport & Physical Activity Awards sponsored by the University of Wolverhampton is an event that celebrates and gives thanks for the commitment, hard work, dedication and achievements of all Clubs, Coaches, Volunteers, and Athletes involved in community sport in the Black Country and the impact that this makes on the lives of the residents. The event was established in 2009 as a means of rewarding and celebrating those individuals, clubs and projects that would not otherwise get the recognition they deserve.


Follow the Fierce Edge ALL ACCESS VLOG Series. In Season 1 we follow amateur boxer, Ben Whittaker as he starts his journey to Olympic Gold in 2020.


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