Easter Holiday Hack: How to get the most out of your UK annual leave in 2017

If you get weekends and Bank Holidays off then you're going to love 2017's Easter!


Thanks to how Good Friday, Easter Monday and the May Bank Holiday fall next year, you'll only need to book 9 Annual Leave days off to get 18 consecutive days in total - how's that for efficiency?! 


Here's how:

Book off April 2017 18th - 21st and then 24th - 28th. 

Grey: Public Holidays

Blue: Weekends

Green: Annual Leave days to book.

UK Long Best 2017 Easter Bank Holiday Hack 19 days


If someone else has beaten you to it or you only want to spend 8 Annual Leave days, then book April 2017 10th-13th and 18th - 21st. If you do this then you'll get 16 days total.


Long Easter UK Holiday 2017 Hack 16 Days



So what are you waiting for, get them dates booked now before someone else does!

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