Cyborg Clothing, Augmentation For The Cyberpunk Universe.

A cybernetically enhanced body, your subconscious boosted by state of the art chip-sets and all brought together by the nuance of a conditioned human brain.


Cyberpunk Cyborgs by Manthos Lappas for Fierce Edge

 Cyborg by Manthos Lappas.


You're jacked up to the eye balls with technology and you have the fastest reflexes money can buy. You're faster, stronger, smarter, better. You represent the perfect fusion of mind and machine. Human limitation is gone. You are Cyborg, the next step in human evolution and nothing can stand in your way.


Cyberpunk Fighters


The Cyborg Collection was heavily influenced by the cyberpunk science fiction genre.  Set in a futuristic cityscape where human life is cheap and mega corporations have replaced governments, mean, moody and powerful, Cyborg blends human with machine for optimal performance and output. However, the human mind can tolerate only so many upgrades to it's physical form and too many augmentations leads to a state known as Cyberpsychosis. Empathy is eroded until the host forgets what it means to be human. Friends, family, lovers and pets become irrelevant and the cyborg begins to relate more to machines.

 Cyborg Infiltrators

Cyborg by Jack Kaiser.


With the Cyborg collection, it's immediately apparent that the wearer has proudly augmented their limbs with powerful cybernetics. The artificial muscle and sinew move like organics but with massively amplified strength and durability. Gone are the days of endoskeletons with their clumsy pistons and hinges. However, how far do the upgrades go? The cyborg rash guard features ballistic multi-layer body armour but does that mean it's protecting a delicate meat bag underneath?


Deus Ex Clothing


The Cyborg collection was designed so the wearer could imagine going further, faster, lift heavier and exert more force. It's dark colours and contoured lines deliberately enhance the body's v-taper so the wearer can't help but look more athletic, more imposing. 


The strongest influences for the Cyborg range came from Cyberpunk 2020, Syndicate, Blade Runner and Deus Ex.


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