5 Workouts That Transformed Actors Into Superheroes

Don’t you just love a good superhero movie? I mean it’s got explosions, mecha suits and heroes landing on one knee staring into the horizon where the minion hordes lie. Not since Greek gods walked on earth have we seen anyone light up a room with the flex of a muscle. While you lay in bed idolizing over how well maintained they are and whether Thor does his own hair or has Sif do it for him, we at Fierce Edge went out to discover what it really takes to transform you average Hollywood star into a beast that can protect the earth. We’re talking about:

5) Christian Bale’s Dark Knight Routine.

The Dark Knight star had already made a reputation for himself as someone willing to go to extraordinary lengths to prepare for a role. When starring in the machinist he lost 65 pounds(29kg) and could have been a poster child to end world hunger. Fortunately, for batman we needed him as the brooding, billionaire,beefcake who makes the real life models of the toys we play with. Bale had to be more than just aesthetically pleasing for this role. Considering all the action sequences in it he had to practically turn into a lean mean fighting machine. Bale’s diet had him eating a meal every 2-3 hours with a 1:2:3 ratio for Fats, protein and carbohydrates. The extreme movement for the film needed the regiment to focus heavily on his explosive power being developed and compound movements were his main exercise. By the time they were done Bale was doing a regimen usually reserved for elite athletes to develop those white fibers that are so so important for explosive movement.

Christian Bale Batman Training

4) Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Workout.

At some point in the comics, Deadpool did say he was a mixture of Ryan Reynolds and a sharpie and Ryan Reynolds took it as a sign he was meant to play the foul mouthed anti-hero. So he was ugly and had scabby skin, that doesn’t mean he was only skin and bones, I mean did you see shirtless, unblemished Reynolds? You can talk dirty all you want, with those abs Reynolds is no stranger to body transformation.


In Blade trinity he was getting the fight beaten out of him but for Deadpool they had to go a different way. First of he worked with long time trainer Don Saladino. Don has trained Scarlett Johansson for the past 7 years, he’s the reason Hugh Jackman looks like that on Wolverine. He’s also trained Ryan Gosling and Blake Lively. For Ryan Reynolds, Don would change his workout quite frequently to let the new father travel to and from Singapore. He would start with a warm up that involved foam rolling to oxygenate the whole body and would follow with movement prep. This was to get every muscle up and running and the basic exercises were cats and dogs, glute bridges and bear crawls. Finally they would go through a muscle activation process where Ryan would do ten reps of overhead shovel throws, Turkish get ups and bounding to get ready for motion. He would work out five days a week focusing on Legs, shoulders, back, chest and arms in that order with a rest on the third day.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Workout

3) Chris Evans' Captain America Regimen.

Chris Evans has been running around naked on screen for quite some time now. Fortunately Marvel didn’t need him having whip cream on his chest although we think he really wouldn’t have minded it. Yeah you can see him right here on this NSFW link strutting it for the geek of the class the man enjoys his nude scenes. For his Captain America transformation he did something a bit different from the others in this group. Captain America needed that sought after V shape so many men are pumping iron for and can only get through hours in the gym. He was a fit guy to begin with so losing body fat was not a problem but for others that would be where to start.

He partnered with Veteran trainer Simon Waterson. The training involved maintaining a high heart rate throughout and focusing on more than just the upper body. Some would think that the V-taper Chris had as a Superhero came from focus on chest and shoulders only but it was the result of plyometrics and leg training too.

Chris Evans Captain America Workout
2) Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow Template.

Scarlett Johansson has been on the screen for quite some time now as the double agent that’s on your side but you are not always sure for how long. The King of Wakanda knows what we’re talking about. 


Not only does she look as fit as the guys but she had a baby in September 2014 and still got back on set and was ready to shoot for Age of Ultron. So how do you lose your baby fat so fast? Well the actor says that a lot of it has been endurance. Her workouts do incorporate strength training and yoga but Johansson says the most important thing is to stay consistent. It’s very easy to lose focus once you take a day off. Words Fierce Edge couldn’t agree more with. Like with everything else in life consistency is a vital ingredient to achieving your fitness goals. Some of the trainers she’s worked with as Black Widow include Don Saladino and Bobby Strom.


Scarlett Johansson Black Widow Tranining

1) Chris Hemsworth’s Transformation Into a God.

Forget chemical induced superpowers and fancy gadgets, how about what it takes to be a god! A hammer swinging, lightning wielding Norse god that wrestles and drinks in his spare time.

Yeah you know it. Chris Hemsworth, the third Chris in this list, got himself voted as the sexiest man in 2014 thanks to the time and energy he put in the gym. Chris was just a thin but handsome bloke getting shocked by the systems in Home and Away before Hollywood spotted him. Ironically he would go on to play the god of thunder, wielding lightning.

So what does it take to go from Mortal to deity? First you need to get a former Navy Seal such as Duffy Graver to train you. Duffy applied an old school bodybuilding approach. A lot of emphasis had to be placed on Hemsworth’s arms since Thor does appear sleeveless but it wasn’t a sweat for the man.



Think you have what it takes to compete? Fierce Edge will see you at the gym.

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