Why You're Wasting Effort Not Setting Health & Fitness Goals

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Before we get straight into it I want to make clear some important points:

  • Any movement is better than no movement.
  • There is no one route to fitness. But I will describe a very effective and simple one.
  •  It's very easy to overestimate effort and underestimate consumption. 


That's out of the way - here we go! Today, we're learning why Goal Setting and Tracking are so important. There are two analogies I like to use for this. 


  • Goal setting. Not knowing exactly what your goals are or what you're trying to achieve is like saying you want to go to Europe and then being unsatisfied because you're now in Barcelona and not Norway. Oh and the journey there took way too long too. If you wanted to go to Norway you need to know why you're going there, how long it will take, what you'll need to pack and plan exactly how you'll get there from leaving your front door to arriving at your hotel. It would be pretty crazy to just saunter out the front door jump on a bus and hope that it will carry you closer to Norway!


 Dude! You're totally going the wrong way!

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  • Tracking. This is especially true for nutrition. Imagine you're playing a game of darts. Now put a blind-fold on. Sure, it's entirely possible that you'll be able to hit the bullseye if you have enough goes but why waste so much time and effort? Not tracking your numbers means you have no real way of knowing if you're progressing, and if you're not progressing what you need to change it. Once you start tracking, that game of darts has changed from being blindfolded into you being able to pick the dart up and walking it to the board to place the bullseye.


 Track everything!

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Maybe you've experienced this already? You exercise regularly and eat healthy but you still can't get rid of belly fat or gain noticable muscle. A lot of people talk to me about exercise and what they eat and what they do. The one thing that nearly everyone does is that they measure their efforts subjectively and they don't know exactly what they want to achieve. Sure, they have some vague idea but usually they have conflicting goals for example lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Sound like you? Don't worry? We've got you covered in these tutorials. Coming up next time, we'll help you objectively understand your goals and track your way to them. 


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