How A Pharmaceutical Rep Will Help You Avoid His Drugs. For Free!

 Hi, welcome to the Fierce Edge Health blog!

 With this blog, I'm looking to help beginners who want to take control of their life and improve their health. In particular, if you are a serial beginner, someone who has made many attempts to change their body but for one reason or another given up and restarted over and over again then this blog is definitely for you!


 So why should you listen to me? I'm super enthusiastic about fitness and nutrition and I promote the use of pharmaceuticals to clinicians in the UK. A major part of my training has been to understand human physiology, anatomy, immunology and pharmacology as well as specific diseases. I believe that I have very broad and well rounded knowledge and experience, enough to suggest an effective path to health and fitness. Even better would be so you might entirely avoid the type of preventable chronic health issues which would require the use of the drugs which I promote!

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 The topics I will be covering will be basic physiology, nutrition and training. Along the way, I'll provide you with enough information in order that you will be able to assess your own eating and objectively look at your training programmes. We'll cover fat loss, muscle gain, cardio and strength programmes. We believe that all this information should be free. I will dispel the snake-oil misinformation of detoxes, cleanses, super-foods, 'boosting metabolism', fat-burners, testosterone boosters, body wraps, silly 30 days of squats/press-ups/whatever programmes etc. The list could go on for a very long time but you get the idea, there's a lot of deliberately complicated information out there and some sales-people trying to convince you that only their product can save your body.


The ultimate aim is to have fun and learn about your body so you have 90% of your health and fitness journey covered. There's a 10% which is micro-optimisation which you really shouldn't waste effort worrying about until you're at an advanced level. So let's help you avoid medication and drugs. This is the easy truth about health and fitness for everyone who wants a better quality of life.


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    Sounds interesting, looking forward to finding out more.

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