How You Can Turn Random Exercise and Movements Into Actual Training and Progress

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Last time, we introduced Goal Setting and Tracking, now we're going to explore them.


 Subjectively?! Example: If I asked you to tell me about your activities or food you would describe how hard you worked, how exhausted you were after it and you were aching forever for the next few days! You made some really healthy food and you made sure not to eat unhealthy stuff all week. Pretty good huh? Well ... this is all based on feelings and it's very difficult to understand what exactly is happening. It's like telling your accountant that you work really hard for your money and after all the bills are paid at the end of the month you usually have some left over which you have a great time spending. It's all very vague, you get a positive feeling from it but you have no idea what will happen at the end of the year apart from the fact that you think you're working hard. Fitness is similar. A lot of time and effort can be spent but with no direction and no progress. Being a tired and sweaty mess is no indicator of improvement.


So how was your work out?

Out of body experience



 Objectively! So rather than being subjective we need to start being critical and looking at our efforts objectively. We can do this by assigning values. Once we have values we can start tracking them. Once we start tracking values we can start to improve them. We can improve you! It's really simple, your workouts go from "I got real sweaty and damn was I tired, then I ate some chicken and beans!" to "I ran 5k 2 minutes faster/I ate 800 calories and 50g was protein or I completed 5x5 of 40kgs which brings me halfway to achieving my goal of X."


There's nothing wrong with exercising and staying active, absolutely more people need to do this. If you're having fun being active and you're happy the way you are - keep doing what you're doing! But if you're not happy because nothing is changing or change is happening too slowly, set some goals and track your progress. You'll turn random exercise into training because you're working towards a specific goal. Being on point here instead of relying on guess work is going to help your body shape change more quickly. Following progress through numbers is also going to help you stay motivated as you see the rewards track towards your goal. Part of the reason videogames are addictive is because they instantly reward players with their progress. Watching your number move towards your health and fitness goals is just as rewarding.


Well, let's take a break here and rest before our next set. In the next tutorial, we'll learn about how to set intelligent goals and put this tracking to use.


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