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 Meet L. L is in his mid-thirties, is an entrepreneur with a Directorship in two businesses. He has a wife and two young children both under the ages of five. Health and fitness have been a very low priority as he concentrates on his business and family. He used to play a lot of sports but now due to work & family commitments and bad habits lives a largely sedentary lifestyle of convenience.


 His current weight is 82.5kgs and standing at 170cms this means his BMI is 28.5. This puts L firmly into the Overweight category. With no sustained and consistent strength training, there can be no claim of high levels of muscle tissue. L's BMI levels mean that he is at elevated risk of stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Excess weight also places strain on joints.


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 Recently L underwent key-hole surgery on his knee due to a sports related injury. Although the surgery was technically successful, muscle atrophy from lack of use mean't that there were complications and more surgery was required unless there was a change in lifestyle. His consultant prescribed 30-45 minutes of low intensity cycling daily to rebuild strength around the knee. Weight-loss was recommended to reduce the stress and pressure on the knee.


Below describes L's typical working day:


0700 Alarm goes off but the snooze button earns it's keep. After L manages to get out of bed and washed, he spends some time with his children, occasionally has breakfast and drives to work. When he does have breakfast, it's usually cereal.

0845 Into the office, L throws himself into his daily tasks with very few breaks and often times skips lunch. Food is then whatever is brought from local amenities or a short drive for a burger meal or fried chicken. At the worst it can be just a beer. is whatever people bring in. beer, improvised lunches. 

1830 The office work day is finished and the drive back home starts.

1900 Dinner, is whatever is in the freezer or leftovers. L affords some time to relax by watching football, television, boxed sets and some family time. Two to three nights a week are spent in the pub socializing with some beer.

2100 L picks up his work from where he left off for a few hours.

2330 - 0200 Bed time at last. After finishing his work L is unable to go straight to bed and must spend some time unwinding in front of the television. This often leads him to fall asleep and he must wake himself up to go to bed.


 In the past, L has recognized that his health had started to be placed at risk and attempted to take control back. Previously he had tried the Clean 9 Diet, Juice+ and traditional calorie counting. On the Clean 9, L did lose some weight but was unable to maintain any loss because he started to feel ill. Although he brought into Juice+ he didn't feel confident about it's claims and only ever made a few shakes. In his own words, it was a waste of money.


 Previously, L has also attempted traditional calorie counting with the MyFitnessPal app however, due to food cravings, binges and nights out socializing he felt defeated and gave up.


 L's main vices are beer, McDonald's, KFC and crisps. On long motorway journeys to visit clients it wasn't unusual for him to eat a whole multi-pack of crisps to himself. During one of these journeys L was listening to an audiobook by a motivational speaker and made a decision to take responsibility for his health and address his failing energy levels. L recognized that his current lifestyle was affecting his health and also leading to reduced performance at work. He discovered the Fierce Edge Health Blog and contacted us for help with reaching his goals which he has set:


  • Target = 15% Body Fat by losing 1kg body-weight each week. 
  • More energy and better performance.


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 L has also expressed a desire to follow a Ketogenic regime which we will cover on the next post.




L has led a convenience lifestyle with easy access to food and beer.


 Key to successful nutrition is controlling your food environment. This means binge food is kept out of sight and ideally out of reach or better still, left on the shelf. Another factor that greatly assists is food preparation. If as much food is cooked and chilled for as many meals as possible, this serves to control caloric intake and removes and opportunity for random food purchases. However, L has young children so it is very difficult to control his food environment. Also his wife is vegetarian which usually means a high carbohydrate intake which is at odds to L's wishes to adhere to a ketogenic diet which requires low carb and high fat.


 Usually a ketogenic lifestyle is dieting on Hard Difficulty but with slightly better outcomes. However, rich meats and cheeses were already a staple of L's lifestyle so it may not prove so difficult.


 Whatever nutrition plan is chosen to lose bodyfat, central to all of them is calorie restriction. It doesn't matter how you optimize, how organic, how clean & 'healthy' food is, if the calories consumed are more than the body requires, no body fat loss will occur. In order to control calories, a food scale must be used to measure the weight of food. Eyeballing / guessing the weight of food is notoriously inaccurate and often leads to over-consumption. With this in mind L will need to buy a food scale as soon as possible. 


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 MyFitnessPal has calculated that the daily permitted calories for L is 1,660. A ketogenic life style eliminates sugar spikes and lows so hunger will be less uncomfortable. His Basal Metabolic Rate is 1,809 calories. This means that if all L did was lie in bed for 24 hours resting, his body would require 1,809 calories to sustain essential functions.


 L has no performance goals and any exercise will be remedial to his injury. As his consultant has prescribed up to 45 minutes cycling each day to rehabilitate his knee, this time might be more efficiently spent cycling to work and back each day. This is something that will be considered into the future as his workplace is adapted with a shower.


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